The history

1.     Established as the Tong-an branch of An-nan elementary school in Sep 1, ROC 40 year (1951). Grade 1 and 2 borrowed a shrine to attend class.

2.     Transformed into the branch school in Sep 1, ROC 42. Mr. Chen De-yin (陳德英) was responsible for Grade 1 to 3.

3.     Moved to the present site and established 2 classrooms in July, ROC 45; in the same year Grade 1 to 4 divided into 2 sections to attend classes in September.

4.     Established 3 classrooms with (三對)in August ,ROC 48; in the same year became the Tong-an elementary for 1 to 5 grades, totally 5 classes.

5.     Accompanying government to develop and improve the citizen’s education plan in ROC 64 September, reconstructed 3 classrooms

6.     Re-construct classrooms for 9 lasses in ROC 65, and totaled 12 classes

7.     Launched students lunch program (營養午餐) and constructed remote teachers dormitory in ROC 77.

8.     Our school land originally held 6218 meters square. We purchased land for 10074 meters square in ROC 83 when the rural land was re-planned in Tong-an Village. Now it holds 16292 meters square.

9.     Re-planed and construct the playground in ROC 84.

10.   Established stage and paved chaining brick in the forecourt in ROC 90.

11.   The Tong-sin Hall (同心堂) and surrounding green construction completed and launched in ROC 94.

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