The School General introduction

Our school is located in the North of Dong-she Township, about 5 Km away from urban district. Bordering on the Mai-liao Township in the North, and on Bao-zhong Township in the east, it is a remote rural elementary school. The school district ranges broad and the parents’ professions are based on agriculture. The parents’ social-economic status is apparently low, but though the society structure is rural based, the parents’ participation ** the school is pretty good.


Tong-an elementary school was established in September, ROC 40 year (1951), as tong-an branch class of An-nan elementary school. On September 1st of ROC 42 it was transformed into the division school. It became the Tong-an elementary in September, ROC 48.


Our school land accommodates 1.6 hectares, holds 6 classes. The major school district is Tong-an community. Our student number totals 121 people, the teaching staff 15. Under the principle it sets Educational Affair Office and General Affair Office. In the recent years, under the efforts of principle and the whole school staff, we are moving the environment of Tong-an elementary toward a more humanistic and artistic world.


Our school holds he young, energetic and experienced teacher group. On the teacher resources, beside the education background develops with the time, it is coming to a youthful, and professional stage. Every body holds a passionate heart, working cooperatively and encouraging mutually, to make a new atmosphere for school. Being in the midst, we know ‘it’ is becoming better and better, and hope the indigenous prominent people can help to create a new glory for the education.


So far, Tong-an elementary has developed countless figures and social elite. These extinguished figures all have attained some achievement. Now, they all stand   position with their professions, contribute their learning, and serve the society.

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