Objectives and Visions

Our Hope

(1)    Enlighten the learning ground for multiple wisdom __let every child have a sky within their mind.

(2)    Create an abundant pleasing working environment __let every teacher be “dated’ with success.

(3)    Establish a learning environment for eternal growth __let every member be healthy and happy.


(A)   The School Visions

Healthiness, Happiness, Openness, and Innovation


(B)   The School Teaching Objectives


1.     Develop the habit for sport, and construct a strong body.

2.     Develop an ambition for optimism and virtue.

3.     Understand the differences in sexes, communicate with people well, and create an air for mutual respect, caring, and harmony.


1.     Develop an optimistic life attitude, and affirm the value of self.

2.     Create a happy learning atmosphere, and construct the high peak experience of learning.

3.     Create a school atmosphere of warmth, and let students be happy to go to school.

4.     Develop an optimistic life attitude, and be willing to work, help, serve, learn, and affirm one’s self.


1.     Actively engage in the society activity, and develop a family-caring, country-loving attitude.

2.     Broaden the multiple thinking, learn to make life-long plan, and prepare for the life-long learning.

3.     Multiply experience the life, think hard, be happy to experience the new stuff and be brave to practice.

4.     Learn the international languages, respect the races, communicate well, and prepare for cultural learning and exchange.


1.     Inspire students to explore spontaneously, and develop the interest to discover the problems.

2.     Open up students’ potential, and arouse the multiple learning abilities.

3.     Enlighten students to read, speak, write, count, and utilize the science and information, arouse the multiple learning abilities, and use the former experience to create new knowledge.

4.     Explore the field scenery, and create a new atmosphere for the rural village.

The history      The School Developing Point    General introduction