The School Developing Point

1.     Carry out the Grade 1-9 Curriculum, and develop students multiple abilities.

2.     Enforce the life education, and develop a clean-loving, polite, and well-behaved student.

3.     Beautify and green the school, and create a warm environment for learning.

4.     Train the rhythmic band (節奏樂隊), and let music accomplishment be rooted in elementary school.

5.     Train the New style gymnastics, aerobic boxing, and strengthen children’s body.

6.     Enforce the teaching of English and computer, and develop the quality citizen with international perspective.

7.     Develop the cooperation of teachers and parents, and let school and family be combined together.

8.     Implement Books in the School (書香滿校園) plan, encourage students to read, broaden childrens vision, and activate students mind.

9.     Create the quality “character-based school culture” learning environment, develop student’s ability to reflect on, think, and practice the coral value of temporary characters.

10.   Long-term counsel students on adapting to multiple society, increase the balanced development of mind and soul.

11.   Adjust the interactions among administration members, teachers, and school staff, to let the team develop cooperative and research spirit.

12.   Enforce the cross-school curriculum and develop the growth group, to increase teacher’s teaching profession.

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